Conference facilities services are offered by all Campuses

1. At our Campuses  we  are offering this service, we have different venues capabilities.

   The contact persons are :-

Bustani Campus – Dar es salaam      : 0754 298056

Arusha Campus -Arusha                   : 0754808300

Temeke Campus – Dar es Salaam    : 0713264853/ 0756572287 


Accommodation facilities services are offered by two campuses

1. At Bustani Campus we are running hotel services at executive level with lowest cost.

2. At Temeke Campus we are running Hostel services for students and other guests at lower cost with effective services.

The contact persons are:-

Bustani Campus – Dar es salaam      : 0754 298056

Temeke Campus – Dar es salaam    : 0713264853/ 0756572287 

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