Legal Framework:

National College of tourism is a Government institution which operates as a semi autonomous body managed by the Chief Executive Officer. The Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism is responsible for the strategic management of the College.

Under the guidance of Executive Agencies Act No. 30 of 1997 Part IV; NCT has a Ministerial Advisory Board which gives advice to the Ministry and Management to ensure that the College practices and congruent with its vision and mission statements. The Chief Executive Officer is answerable to the Permanent Secretary.

Our Motto
“A Ladder to Excellence”

NTC Vision:

To become a centre of excellence in Africa that delivers high quality training, research and consultancy services in hospitality and tourism Industry.

NTC Mission:
To Provide quality training,research & consultancy services in hospitality and Tourism industry through using professional staff and modern facilities in order to meet customers’ expectations.

Key Result Areas:
– Provision of high quality training using modern training facilities.
– Transformation of NCT into a well managed College
– Attainment of financial sustainability
– Research and Consultancy

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